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    Welcome To Xootic
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    MineCraft - Hardcore Survival RPG
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    Welcome To Xootic
    MineCraft - Hardcore Survival RPG

welcome to Xootic !

We are a new 24/7 dedicated MineCraft server, We will be releasing constant updates and content for all players.

about Xootic

We made a custom Vanilla gamemode for Minecraft which gives monsters levels, stats, loot, it gives players the ability to refine ore and gems for higher purity to make better gear or fight bosses or grind monsters for rare and legendary loot as well as climb the highscores.

player save

All of your experience and levels will save and carry over with you on restarts and logouts, once we have multiple servers, all of your stats will move with you.

friendly community

We try to keep the community as mature and friendly as possible so everyone can enjoy the game.

24/7 support

We have 24/7 support able to help you with all of your questions and ideas or bug fixes.

clean coding

The gamemode and server are written in a way that there in minimal lag and seamless gameplay.

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